quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2009

Neural learning

Let's talk about neural computation.

The algorithms of neural computation are based in observations of nature, specially in animal's nervous system.

I did a post (here - in Portuguese) about neural networks, I wrote about concepts for who wants develop the algorithms.

The neural algorithms are able to assimilate the information by itself, like us.

The computers hold the information in digital memory and access the information by memory addresses, if we need an information then we send the address and get the content. In neural systems, if we need an information then we send a correlated information.

Let's think. You can't enumerate your neurons and access the information one by one. But you can access the information in your brain using other information correlated to it, for example: dog. You thought in a dog conforms to the standards you know.

Other example:
You look the image and you think the words garden, flowers, plants and the emotions like peace, tranquility, etc...

To finish, remember that God created the perfect nature, we can contemplate the nature and seek inspiration in God's creations.

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