segunda-feira, 1 de setembro de 2008

GNOME Develop Enviroment

I installed the Ubuntu 8.04 on my laptop in last week and they (the laptop and the Ubuntu) are working very well together. I'm having only a problem: sound in headphones, but it's other thing.

I was searching for a IDE to GNOME, I want return to develop in C/C++ (when my teachers permit), and I found the Anjuta.

I'm not using it yet, but I found it simple and interesting. This is the start screen:

Selecting the option: New -> Project:

(The screen are in portuguese because I'm in Brazil)

See the 4 tabs: C, C++, Java and Python (providentially my favorite languages).

I liked the options of make GNOME, SDL and GTK applications, in C. I Would like develop some applications using OpenCV and OpenGL, together if possible.

Finishing, I want to present the Anjuta. I knew the KDevelop (of the KDE), but I'm working with GNOME now.

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