quarta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2008

Scilab simulation enviroment

This is my first post in english. I like the Scilab, so it's the subject of this post.

The Scilab is a simulation enviroment to numeric computation, i. e., the Scilab have many resources to solve complicated problems.

Examples of aplications that I work in Scilab:
  1. Neural networks;
  2. Genetics Algorithms;
  3. Analysis os temporal series (in economy);
  4. Digital images and signals processing;
  5. Computational vision;
  6. Electromagnetism.
The most important work that I developed was a new algorithm to detect and localize critical points in digital images, I have used details enhacement in this work and the classical technics uses boundary analysis.

The Scilab has many toolboxes, for example: SIVP - Scilab Image and Video Processing toolbox and SWT - Scilab Wavelets Toolbox (this have functions for signals and images). The Scicos is a graphical simulation enviroment, this is on the Scilab (called by "scicos" in prompt), with the Scicos is possible to develop "getting blocks", this is a easy and fast mode to work.

To finish, the Scilab is a free software and doesn't have less resources than proprietary softwares.

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